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Richard Boyles - Self Portrait.jpeg

Richard Boyles - Self Portrait



My involvement with photography goes back to 1973, when I first found I had an interest. For some years now I have been freelancing part time, my work mainly involving social photography, portraits etc., although this has on occasions involved a variety of work in other areas.


Initially my interest was in monochrome work but for the last few years I have become more concerned with colour. This collection of pictures is my first large exhibition, and it has provided me with the opportunity to become involved in work which could be produced to please my own photographic interests. This exhibition serious has meant that I could begin to develop my personal photographic concerns in a way that I had wanted to for some time.

Richard Boyles 1982

Ross Boyd - Press Photo - (c) Kit Mallen

Ross Boyd

Photo (c) Kit Mallin - Kettering Evening Telegraph



My photographic interest began not long after having bought a rather old secondhand 35mm camera during the summer of 1978. This interest was however in no way serious until about a year later, when I realised that it was becoming more than just a hobby.


During 1980 I studied photography at Southfields College of Further Education in Leicester. After leaving college I became a full-time freelance photographer and also did a number of part-time photographic teaching jobs.


More recently my interest has been moving strongly away from the commercial side of photography and it's now firmly based in what might be called the fine art side of the medium.


Previously I had a number of one-man exhibitions with a series of street images called “People in Perspective”. Some of this work was, in fact, featured in “Photography” magazine during 1982.


The “Corby ’82” work is of particular importance to me in that the time taken to complete the project has spanned a considerable change in my work, both in terms of motive and approach. This is, I feel, to some extent reflected in the pictures.


Finally, as the recipient of a grant from East Midlands Arts during 1983, I would like to record my gratitude for something which gave additional encouragement to me during the course of producing this exhibition.

Ross Boyd 1982

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