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The original exhibition by

Richard Boyles & Ross Boyd

comprised of a series of photographic prints mounted in frames. The exhibition received critical-acclaim and toured the Midlands for six months.


Sadly Ross Boyd died a few years after the exhibition had finished touring and his photographs are not available to display on this web site which was published in 2020

The colour photographs on this web site have been copied from the original framed prints and therefore have lost some clarity from th original images.




Fire Service

Ambulance Service

Police Service

Parliamentary Representative

European Parliamentary Representative



Local History


Corby District Council

Council Administration

Commission for the New Towns


Post Office




Small Private Industry

Large Private Industry

Nationalised Industry

Chamber of Trade and Commerce


Industrial Promotions

Local Newspaper

Local Radio

Small Shop

Large Shop

Youth Work


Protest Groups


Community Groups

Trades Unions

Library and Information Services

Social Services



Citizens Advice Bureau




Twin Town

Self Portrait



This exhibition is the culmination of a project initiated and based around the year 1982. We decided to produce a series of portraits of people who at the time were representative of a variety of areas of influence within the town.

Where we found there was one identifiable person e.g. The Council Chairman, we excepted this. In some other areas however the choice was much wider. In the case of the arts for example, we could consider either amateur or professional, in dance, drama, or visual art etc. In these circumstances we simply made one choice as representative of the much wider grouping.

It is inevitable that there will be different opinions about the subjects and categories which have been included or excluded. However, we naturally had to restrict the exhibition to a manageable size, and we have made our decision on the final content as honestly as we could.

Originally it was intended that we produce two separate series of images with one of us working in monochrome and the other in colour. The idea being to exhibit the two sets of pictures together. This idea changed after we started working on the project. Although we continue to produce two pictures of each person, we became aware that the exhibition might better serve our aims in another form. We therefore decided to produce one set of pictures, some in monochrome and some in colour. The choice in the end being made on the basis of what we felt would result in the most cohesive presentation of our general intentions. We did not however wish to be too rigid in this and in some cases we have included both portraits of a subject.

Although the people photographed for our exhibition were chosen within the various categories, we had no intention of necessarily relating this to the making of the portraits. At all times we have approached the picture making situation with the aim of reflecting in a subjective way our personal responses and feelings as photographers. All the photographs were taken in available light in whatever situation we were able to meet the subject.

The monochrome pictures were made by Ross Boyd, and the colour pictures by Richard Boyles.

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